Let the music break the ice
Swave uses music to match people. Create a unique profile, discover local singles with common music interest and start chatting!

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It's all about the beat
Swave lets the music speak for you. We use a powerful and smart algorithm to find the one that will make your heart skip a beat.
Unique features and experience
Music map
The music you listen says a lot about you. Your music map is more than a list of artists, it’s a description of who you truly are.
Keys system
By using keys to unlock profile photos and contact members, we value the importance of each profile. By limiting the amount of daily keys we ensure that they are spent wisely.
Blurred pictures
Don't judge a book by its cover. Read every profile carefully before you unlock them to reveal the pictures.
First-move friendly
By giving everyone the possibility to make the first move with a key, we want to create relationships that might have never happened in the first place.
Matching percentage
We analyze what is unique in your music tastes rather than focusing on what is mainstream.
In-chat music
With music acting as a built-in "ice breaker" you can include song samples or concert dates in your chat.
Music, artists and gigs
Thanks to Spotify and Songkick’s you can access music samples, artists' details and concert dates. More to chat about as you share tunes and discover local gigs you can both attend.

You can access the informations of an artist at any moment but also discover which gigs you and your match could attend together.
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